“Value the correction, not the mistake.”

Dr. Haim Ginott, psychologist

Imagine that you’ve been awarded a day long ride in a time machine. You may travel to any destination and attend any event in history. When you arrive, you will not get hurt. You will not get shot at in a war or go down with the ship. Your trip in the time machine will provide you with a safe ringside seat to history in the making. You are guaranteed return to the present in the same condition you left in.

Sound exciting?

While you’re thinking about this opportunity, let me tell you about some the places I would go.

Number one on the list is Jesus. I’ve got a bunch of questions for him. I try to live day by day from lessons based on the events of his life. How incredible it would be to be there.

Next, over fifty years after her death, Eleanor Roosevelt continues to appear on the list of most admired women. An advocate for human rights, devoted to many social causes, she and I share a birthday – October 11th. Other women I would like to shadow for a day include Helen Keller, Erma Bombeck and my Grandma Snider when she was a little girl.

For the serious business of being funny, I would like to appear in a movie with Laurel and Hardy.

After I’ve worked with them, I’ll climb back in the time machine, move ahead a few years to team up with Abbott and Costello for more fun. For a “Shoot ’em up at Dry Gulch Creek” kinda movie –  I would like to work with John Wayne.

“Let’s get those wagons in a circle, pilgrims.”

I’m fascinated with Davy Crockett at the Alamo and George Custer at The Little Big Horn. And I wonder how it would be to chum with Generals Grant, Sherman, and Lee during The Civil War.

Science and technology have created pretty incredible gadgets and gizmos. But I think the chances are slim to none they will create a time machine that can take us back to the events and people I’m talking about. My fantasy will have to remain a fantasy. Even so, you and I own a different kind of time machine.

It is located in a little corner of our brain. All the “Woulda – Coulda – Shouldas and If Onlys are stored there. We can think about them as often as we like, visit our screw up and mistakes, wear out a pair of shoes kicking ourselves in the pants, but it changes nothing.

Forgive yourself.

Get happy.

Move on.


Visit me at www.buddybloomwildflower.com


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