“Imagine for yourself a character, a model personality, whose example you determine to follow, in private as well as in public.”

Epictetus, Greek Philosopher

The Random House Dictionary defines role model as, “A person whose behavior, example, or success is or can be emulated by others, especially by younger people.”

Looking over my list of successful role models, I noticed three of them are a little more fuzzy than the others. They are Pete the Cat, Fozzie Bear, and Snoopy.

*      *      *



“Attitude is Everything.”

To live a full and exciting life, Eleanor Roosevelt offered this advice, “Do one thing everyday  that scares you.” Accepting that challenge, I signed up to be an Educational Assistant in the Public School System. With knees shaking, I reported for duty. During a preschool reading circle, I listened to a book called, Pete the Cat, I Love My White Shoes.

Pete gets a new pair of white shoes. As he moves down the street, he sings, “I love my white shoes, I love my white shoes…” Then he steps in some strawberries, blueberries, and mud. His shoes change color but not his attitude. He sings, “I love my red shoes…I love my blue shoes…I love my brown shoes.” The story ends with Pete stepping in some water which washes away all the color, leaving him to journey on in wet shoes singing, “I love my wet shoes, I love my wet shoes…”

Wow! What a lesson we can all learn from Pete the Cat. “No matter what you step in keep walking along and singing your song because it’s all good.”


“Laughter is the Best Medicine.”

A wise man once said to me, “If you laugh at your own jokes, you’ll make at least one person happy.”

That’s pretty much the way it is for one of my favorite comedians, Fozzie Bear.

“A man walks into a diner. A horse is behind the counter.

The horse says to the man, ‘I bet you’re surprised to see me here.’

The man says, ‘Yeah, did the cow sell the place?’

Wocka, Wocka, Wocka”

Long after all signs and signals say give up, Fozzie is still laughing, believing he has a gift to share with the world. It’s an uphill battle but he enjoys every stumble along the way.


“Follow Your Dream.”

I just finished reading, Snoopy’s Guide to The Writing Life.

The book features 180 plus cartoon strips of Snoopy sitting on his doghouse, typewriter in front of him, hammering away at his chosen profession.

My favorite features Charlie Brown announcing to Snoopy that dinner will be four minutes late.

Snoopy’s response, “Like all great writers, I have known suffering.”

Thirty-two successful writers were asked to give their advice to Snoopy.

For some strange reason, I was not invited to make a contribution.

So here is my advice for Snoopy.

If you want to be a writer, write.

And never give up.

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