“Where flowers bloom, so does hope.”

Lady Bird Johnson, First Lady of The United States


The first time someone gave me flowers was in the Spring of 1972. The Aircraft Carrier USS Oriskany was gliding out of San Francisco Bay. I was on board with a group of Marines. The ship was headed for Southeast Asia where the Vietnam War was still dragging on. A group of people had gathered on the Bay Bridge to protest our part in the war. As the ship passed under the bridge, the protesters dropped flowers on us.

“Flower Power” was a popular chant by young people protesting the war in Vietnam. The young people doing the protesting and chanting were called “Flower Children” The war ended long ago, “Flower Children” grew up and had children of their own. You don’t hear the chant much these days but “Flower Power” is still around.

In romance, flowers play an important part in winning someone’s heart. When you hurt someone, flowers are often used to say, “I’m sorry.” Weddings and funerals are big money makers for those in the flower business. For a friend in the hospital or down in the dumps, flowers are a way to say, “Hang in there.”

Mark Twain said, ”Whatever a man’s age he can reduce it several years by putting a bright colored flower in his buttonhole.”

Today, because you’re special and you know it, give yourself flowers. Put flowers on your desk at work, your kitchen table and in your hair. If you can find a field full of flowers, go dancing among them. Surround yourself with the power and magic of flowers, their fragrance and color will bring new hope and spirit to your life. They will make a good attitude even better.

Like many people not all flowers are given a fair chance in life. And like some people, no matter what happens to them, there are still some flowers that make a colorful contribution to the world.

Have you ever noticed a wildflower that has worked its way through a crack in the sidewalk. When the flower was a tiny seed, did it ask to be covered with cement? My guess is no. The seed probably thought it was entitled to fresh air, sunshine, and some top quality dirt to nourish its soul.

The wildflower that overcame the bad breaks and difficult conditions to work its way through the concrete knew what wise men have been trying to teach us since time began.

“Things turn out best for those who make the best of the way things turn out.”

Anyone with big plans and new ideas sooner or later finds a big chunk of concrete in the middle of their path. The secret is not to give up. The flower that keeps on believing and working no matter what gets in their way, always blooms a little brighter. If flowers can find their way to the top so can you.

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