“Wake up and find your moxie”


Lisbon, California?

Lisbon, Connecticut?

Lisbon, Iowa?

There are thirty-seven towns in the United States named Lisbon. But only one celebrates Moxie.

And that town is Lisbon, Maine – home of The Moxie Festival.

Moxie is the name of a soft drink – the official soft drink of Maine. And the first carbonated drink sold in America.

Dr. Augustin Thompson got the “Moxie” ball rolling in 1876. Taken by the spoonful he promised it would cure a whole bunch of problems including…“loss of manhood, paralysis, and softening of the brain.” In 1884, the good doctor decided to mass market Moxie as a soft drink.

The Moxie Festival has been celebrated the second weekend in July since 1982.

Starting with a fireworks display on Friday, the action picks up again on Saturday with a parade, a 5k road race, Moxie recipe contest, concert, and car show. And if you decide to enter the chug-n-challenge, here’s what you’re up against, last year’s champion drank ten cans of Moxie in 2 minutes.

Good luck!


*      *      *

Before it was a drink, moxie was and still is a word meaning, “Force of character, determination, or nerve.”


I ran my first marathon race (26.2 miles) in 1986.  I was inspired by Bob Wieland, a man who a week before had finished the New York Marathon. It took me five hours to finish my race. It took Bob four days to finish his.Why so long? Bob had no legs. Without crutches or a wheelchair, using just his hands to swing his lower body forward, he did it one step at a time. Years before, serving as a medic in

Vietnam and trying to save the wounded, he stepped on a booby-trapped mortar shell. In his words,

“My legs went in one direction, my life another.”


Once upon a time there was a flood. And as floods go, it was pretty bad. The rain was coming down and the water was rising fast. People had to climb on the rooftops of their houses to escape drowning.

While they were waiting to be rescued, they noticed a hat going back and forth in long straight lines in front of one house. Everyone pointed to the hat. What was going on? Finally, one lady stood up and told everyone, “Don’t worry about that hat. That’s my husband, he said that today, come hell or high water, he was going to mow the grass.”


“Anything is possible, if you have enough nerve.”

J.K.Rowling, author of Harry Potter

And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street, the first book written by Dr. Seuss, was rejected by twenty-seven publishers. He did not give up. He got a yes from publisher number twenty-eight and Dr. Seuss has now sold over 100 million books.





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